About Me

Hi, Guys! I’m Manikanta Naga

Image Of Manikanta NagaThank you so much for visiting Food4lyf. I am 25 years old food writer from Hyderabad. I started this website to share reliable recommendations from around the world to improve your cookery experiences. We have a restaurant in our village and started working in it from the age of sixteen. Right from my childhood, I am that chubby guy who always loves food.

I love cooking and always believed that men make brilliant food when they have the interest why because they don’t follow any recipe. They do what they think great.it’s the same principle I apply everywhere.The best part of this blog are the recipes and ideas you can get from reading its articles. This is a great site to spark your imagination to create your own delicious dishes full of mouth watering. Most of my recipes might be related to non-veg(chicken). I am fond of chicken and chicken curries. I will stick to the promise and genuinely share all new cooking content every week.

I’m a post-graduate specialized in marketing worked for Kotak Securities as Assistant Manager and quit my last full-time job and Currently, pursuing digital marketing and this is the main reason behind to start this blog.

From the bottom of my heart, I would love to connect with you and wish to follow my updates. I might facilitate in ways that can evolve your food models.